Saturday, January 25, 2014

Yes, pictures can paint a thousand words but they never do justice to the real thing. Forgive us all the roadside scenery, but we can't help it.

Frank Mantchichi was President Erickson's AP when we arrived in the mission. Now he is home in Blantyre and Sunday we were blessed to witness the baptism of his sister. She chose Elder Draycott to baptize her. It was a wonderful day. Our Blantye elders have big personalities! and we love them.

We loved our drive to Malawi in December so much we decided to drive it again in January. In eastern Zambia the road crosses the Luangwa river. The elevation here drops to 400 meters above sea level (1300 ft) and it is hot! This little town sits at the edge of the river valley. We bought 4 baskets, 2 sweepers, a sun hat, 2 wooden spoons, 3 chitenges and 2 bottle fish for lunch and spent about 13 USD. The woman with the skewer wrapped the fish in newspaper for us and then gave me a Tbs of salt in the palm of my hand.

The Lord taketh and the Lord giveth! 8 unexpected missionaries in 3 days.

 These 4 Sisters came to us by way of Botswana. Security clearance visa issues.
 In Botswana they are not required to have Yellow Fever shots, so first on our list was to get them immunized.

These 4 Elders are waiting for their visas to get into Kenya. That makes a total of 9 missionaries pending for Kenya, 4 for Botswana. We have already decided we love them enough to want to keep them forever. Eager to serve wherever they are sent, these young elders and sisters are remarkably resilient and faithful!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

5 more of our best missionaries got their visas to Zimbabwe and we had to let them go! Sad day for us

We are really going to miss these terrific sisters and Elder Ojok! The Lord needs them in Zimbabwe! and they will be great.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Our first Mission Leadership Council with all leaders at the mission home!

 We flew 6 of these missionaries in from Malawi and 3 drove 5 hours from the Copperbelt to join us in person for our monthly mission leadership council. We usually do this meeting via webex over the computer. It was wonderful to all be together and counsel on the desired culture of our mission. President Erickson did a wonderful job leading the discussion. We read and discussed Luke 24 and then partook of the sacrament together. It was a very special gathering and much was learned from the scriptures, each other and from the spirit.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

                                                    Emma.... Africa is calling you!
                         At the risk of Lindsay chiding me :) for another roadside picture...
                                                                     I give you this!
                   This is the view heading south towards downtown Lusaka. Soccer stadium top right.
                                      Sister Orr from Canada and Sister Mntungwa from South Africa.
                                                              Showing off their amazing long hair.