Thursday, September 4, 2014


                                                  Sister Nakitende home to Uganda
                                                  Elder Shoba home to Durban SA
                                               Sister Getts home to Montana, USA
                                                Sister Twongeirwe home to Uganda
                                             Sister Clifford home to Utah, USA
                                                    Elder Majafe home to Botswana
                                                  Sister Wallin home to Utah, USA

 The departing testimony meeting of this group was powerful!! Strong testimonies of a great work.

A month of Zone Conferences

 Elder Packer from Uganda and Elder Amison from Birmingham, England....last assignment together as AP's at the combined Copperbelt ZC.
2 powerful young men. It is so fun to watch their teaching and leadership skills grow as they diligently serve.
We loved this round of zone conferences. The zone leaders led a discussion on the fundamental: Revelation through Prayer. The AP's led a discussion on: teaching people not lessons using the story of Christ on the road to Emmaus. They did a great job! I outlined and we discussed 4 agreements we make with ourselves to help better the relationships in our lives. 1. Be impeccable with your word. 2. Don't take anything personally 3. Never assume 4. Do your best. (from the book by Michael Ruiz) President taught from D&C 107 and 121 on the rights of the Priesthood and on being called and being chosen. He led a discussion on the culture of our mission and the apostolic calling that each missionary has to further the work of the Lord.

Lusaka West, Zambia
Copperbelt Combined, Zambia

                                                                    Lusaka East, Zambia

                                                                    Lilongwe, Malawi

                                                                Blantyre, Malawi

Random sampling of our wonderful life on mission

Baptism at Chainama branch, Lusaka
Emma and Liesha at Helping Hands project at Matero Police Post
Sarah Chansa wearing the ribbon from the ribbon cutting ceremony at the Helping Hands project
Helaman Mwakamui's shoes drying on the line at his grandmother, Mildred's house
President treated  for ice cream after our 5 hour drive to the Copperbelt. Elders Chola, Dettamanti, Tayembi. Amison, Chinunda, Packer, Allred...just a sampling of the greatest missionaries in the world!
We helped with the Operation Smile mission in Lilongwe in August. 
Mariam came with her grandmother, 8 hours on a bus. Her parents died of HIV AIDS when she was little. At 4 years old she had an abscess that was cut out. She came hoping to have her lip fixed and her hopes were realized. I wish I had the after picture!
getting on another flight!
That is one big pot of nshima for the mourners of President Liyalii. These women have arms of steel.
President Liyalii of the Lilanda branch passed away.
 Family and branch members gathered at Sister Liyalii's home to mourn.
Some sit outside and some sit inside. For hours they grieve with the wife and children. 
Simply the BEST! Leif calls it homemade peach ice cream.
primary kids playing with my iPad in church

Faith Mumba
Faith's mother with the support stick. She has a club foot and walks for an hour to get to church.
Kawama primary
                           We found this bad boy in our bedroom under the curtain in Lilongwe. That is a serving spoon my brave companion used to corral him and fling him outside. Giant African centipede or  E. trigonopodus.