Thursday, May 29, 2014

Our first visitors...all in the month of April!

                       Our niece, Elizabeth and her friends were our first visitors from home.
 Lindsay and John and Emma and Trenton came next. Having them in our mission home was so wonderful!

This was our first road trip with sons in law! and we loved every minute. They were patient with our driving, Zambian roads, and Erickson women :)

Monday, May 26, 2014

"Do you want a miracle?"

We received this story last week from one of our zone leaders:
"There's a cool experience we had this week which i'd like to share - a MIRACLE you could say. So we had just finished a discussion with a guy who works at the Bingham's (senior couple) house, and we were just chatting to the Bingham's after the lesson telling them about the work and how the area is doing, and we told them that we had found out where the governor of the bank of zambia lives but that he was hard to get to cause of security and stuff, so at that point Elder Bingham grabs my companion by the hand and says 'Do you want a miracle? go to his house tomorrow at 10:00am and we'll pray for you, and you can pray too, that you'll find someone who will help you get towards the governor' He looked pretty serious/inspired by his face so we decided to take his advice. So the next day we were praying in the morning that we'd be able to find someone there, and we get in the car and park just a short distance from his house and realized we were like 10 minutes early so decided to write some testimonies in BOM's while we waited. When it was 2 minutes to 10 we walked over to the house and knocked on the gate but no one was opening, we knocked again but still nothing, and just as we felt no one was going to answer a car pulled up right beside us asking who we were looking for, so we said we were looking for the owner/the boss, and he told us he knew the man very well and that he wasn't in right now, but told us the best time to see him was on the weekends. The man looked in a hurry and was about to drive off but we quickly introduced ourselves and the church, and he said oh that's the church that Bob goes to right? (Bob is a faithful member of the church and a minister of government here in Zambia ) so we said yep, has he ever invited you to church? he said nope, and then we showed him the Book Of Mormon and asked if he had ever shown it to him and he said nope, so we left him a copy and told him to read it and that our details were in the front and then he drove off. As me and my companion walked back to the car I pulled out the phone and it read 10:01 which means that guy must've drove by at exactly 10:00 and we were just stunned at how all of that just happened. This definitely built my testimony to know how planning, preparation and prayer all work together in the Lord's work. Can't wait to tell Elder Bingham the story."