Saturday, May 7, 2016

April 2016, where did you go?

George and Charlotte Pratt (Linda's sister) spent a few days the end of April with us and we loved having them. We visited the Munkondya's, the Zulu's and Sister Mooto.

We discovered that Brother Zulu and Brother Pratt are born the same year and Sister Zulu and Sister Pratt are also born the same year. 

Kalambo Branch in Lilongwe..... Saturday is a special day its the day we get ready for Sunday!

Sisters Ratema and Kinikini and Elder Wyman getting the font ready for a baptism.

Ever packed your car this full of soda and cookies?

roadside snack

Sugar cane 1 kwacha per stalk....about 10 cents

its good! Elders Kububa, Ernst, Duncan and Nemakonde

New arrival Sister Brown from SLC...another East High Girl! Go Leopards!

Also new to our mission....Elder Almeida from Angola.

This was our latest and final visit to the Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Dowa, Malawi. We have hearts full of love for this little Congolese Family: Kasariba Mabishwa and his aunt Jolie and her 4 children, David, Destin, Dennis and Light. We pray that someday they will all be able to be baptized and enjoy all the blessings of the Gospel and a better place to live. Elder and Sister Birrell have stepped in where the Stones left off and they are loved!

This is 17 yr old Kasariba, His older brother Mabishwa Kiza traveled by bus back to the DRC to try to get a passport so he can serve a mission. His mission application is complete but is still waiting on a passport that needs to be picked up at a government office close to the Burundi border where civil war and violence create a great risk. Oh the challenges! the hurdles and the hardships of this life. Yet the feeling in this home is one of peace. Jolie wept when she expressed her gratitude for our interest in their lives. She only speaks French and Kasariba translated for her. Their faith and hope and trust in God and his mercies and his timing is remarkable and inspiring. It is impossible to come away from this family and not feel the great love that our Father in Heaven has for ALL his children. Their temporal deprivation relative to ours, is great. But we gain strength and hope from them! from their spiritual maturity and patience and reliance on the Lord. 

We always love teaching with the elders! These 2 sisters are newly baptized members in the Kawale branch.

Elders Cunningham and Welling...good teachers of the Gospel!