Monday, June 3, 2013

Short Timers

Well, it's getting close. The moving company comes tomorrow to pack us up and ship to Lusaka.

With the calendar changing from May to June things got a bit more real. On one hand, we're so eager to get to the mission and see those wonderful missionaries, members and those we'll be teaching yet its tough to say our goodbyes. In some cases, the goodbyes are to loved ones we'll never again see in this life.

We will be speaking this Sunday June 9, at 1:00PM.

EagleCrest 2nd Ward
14919 South Eagle Crest Drive
Draper, UT


*little miss giggles* said...

So So So happy for you both ! hugs to the both of you!!! keep in touch !!!

Lindsay Garlock said...

I am kind of terrified of the reality of it all so finally set in once we leave you after our visit next weekend. Oh man. Tender feelings. Bittersweet for sure.

Arlene Marie said...

Your talks were incredible. You two will be so missed. Very excited to follow your journey. You two are amazing. The missionaries and people of Zambia are so fortunate to have you two.

James Sharron Larkin said...

Sorry we are so slow to wish you well and our prayers are with you. Your pictures will tell so much and as we watched Elder Holland's video we saw Bro Fred Antwi, one of the ordinance workers we trained in the Ghana Temple, it brought tears to our eyes, as we remember how much we love the people of Africa. We have done 2 presentations on our mission this week, so all is fresh in our minds and hearts. God bless and keep you on this magnificent journey to serve the Lord and our brothers and sisters there in Zambia.