Sunday, September 1, 2013

We got a flat tire today between Ndola and Lusaka. We pulled off the road at a roadside charcoal market. Within seconds there were 5-6 men who came to help and eventually just took over and changed the tire for us. We love Zambians. We gave them all Plan of Salvation pamphlets and a little Kwacha. The one stooping down in the white shirt eventually took off his shirt and laid under the Toyota to release the spare tire. When he got up and went to put his shirt back on...I gave Leif a towel from the car to wipe the dirt and gravel off his back...all the men found this very funny....they laughed. When I said Zikomo Kwambiri (thank you in Nyanja) they all laughed again and were impressed that I knew a little of their native tongue.

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