Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A funny thing happened at the NIPA Graduation

So… we have some good friends here, Chris and Angela Chansa. Chris is actually my second counselor in the mission presidency and they are terrific people. They invited us to Angela's graduation from the National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA) on Saturday and we thought it would be great to support her and a few other members who were also graduating that day. We parked and made our way with the crowd up towards the main stage hoping see them and maybe even find a place to sit. A woman asked us if we had been invited and we said we had and she directed us towards the front. We visited with a few friends on the way there and as we got close another woman said she had a seat for us. We were so surprised and honored when she walked us up on stage and sat us behind His Worship the Mayor of Lusaka and with the rest of the "Invited Guests". We had a great time and got an appointment to go visit with the mayor to work on some new projects we are planning for a "Helping Hands" event.

 Here we are seated just behind the Mayor

 This was a tribal chief who was graduating with the large group

His Worship the Mayor of Lusaka, Daniel Chisenga

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Tree said...

Wow! What a great honor & early birthday gift. The experiences the two of you are having are beyond life changing & are definitely priceless ones. Keep posting & making smiles across the ocean :)