Sunday, November 10, 2013

The drive between Lilongwe and Blantyre, Malawi has become one of our favorite places on the earth!

The 1st weekend in November we were in Malawi for our first District Conference (the first of three in the mission). The conference was terrific. Blantyre has 4 branches that make up the District and there were 225 in attendance at the Sunday session. The district presidency gave powerful talks that were very inspirational. We love the members in Blantyre. Sister Catherine Mwale gave me a chitenge! My first. I wanted to pay her for it but she wanted it to be a gift. This is a sweet and wonderful woman. Her husband, James is in the district presidency and her son, James is submitting his papers to serve a mission. She is the one who told me that she loves the restored Gospel because it has taught her how to forgive. On Saturday we did the same district council training that we did with Lusaka district 2 months ago. It was very successful and Leif did a terrific job again! There were almost 25 investigators at Sunday's conference session. They all met with President Erickson after the meeting for a special gathering. Their excitement to be meeting the Mission President was fun for me to watch.

On our drive to and from Blantyre we decided to pay particular attention to and try to capture for our blog the beautiful people in Malawi and the things they transport….whether on their heads or on bicycle or by truck.  As common as these sights are, we do not tire of seeing them….in fact, just the opposite. We love these vistas and sights and long to repeat the drive again next month to see the changing landscape as the rainy season approaches and the maize starts to grow in this fertile soil.

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Cherisa said...

Wow! I'm nervous biking with a baby seat attached to my bike. I can't imagine adding several logs or charcoal to the back! So amazing! I can see why you never tire of seeing these amazing people.