Thursday, December 19, 2013

December road trip to Malawi

 This meetinghouse in Lilongwe, Malawi sits on the edge of a hill that looks down over the village Kauma. There is a Kauma 1st Branch and a Kauma 2nd Branch. The members are easy to love as you can see…especially the children.
Training meetings with the Relief Society leaders of the 4 branches in Lilongwe. Helping them become a district.

This was driving west back to Lusaka. The beauty of the green hills and sky speak for themselves. There are wonderful cloud formations in Zambia.
We have flown to Malawi many times and finally got the opportunity to drive the 7 hours to the border and 2 more hours to Lilongwe. The border crossing was interesting to say the least and we would have taken pictures but there were too many authorities.

She wanted to sell me the entire bucket of mangos on her head for 5 kwacha….that is about 92 cents. I only wanted 7 or 8 mangos and I gave her 4 kwacha. They were very happy and were laughing at me for asking to take their picture.
We arrived in Zambia the end of June and did not see a cloud, not one, for about 4 months. I was beginning to wonder. The rainy season is here now and we are loving it so far. All the locals keep telling us by March we will be sick of the rain.

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