Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lusaka and Copperbelt Zone Conferences Jan/Feb 2014. Miscellaneous missionaries and members.

Lusaka zone conference....our first held at the mission office.
                                        Sisters George and Orr. Sister George is a quadruplet!
                                                                   Idaho elders!

                                         Beautiful Sisters! Beautiful Hair! Maznio and Makunye
 Some advice was given to us in the MTC that our missionaries should have more character and be less characters. Well...this group has and is both. They are terrific.

                                                 Elders Moya and Hinckely in Lilongwe

 Elder Ayubu demonstrating for all other missionaries what NOT TO DO! We promise...we do not condone or promote this behavior...but sometimes...Ugandans will be Ugandans:)
 Sister Kandioni and her family. Faithful members in Blantyre. She is an artist and craftswoman. She and her granddaughters make beautiful necklaces and give excellent talks in church.

Copperbelt zone conference
                             Elders Odunga and Doig...great companions...a Kenyan and a Canadian

Elder Barnard and Moses

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