Saturday, March 22, 2014

Goodbyes and Hellos March 2014

                Elder Odunga...look at those gorgeous teeth! (front tooth root canal and fixed chipped tooth)
Elder Madise..the smiler! Smiling got him through!
   Elder Hansen (was our first experience in the mission with a missionary with Malaria..what a good sport, he was not a complainer!)
                               The irreplaceable Elder Hontyo! President's AP "the Duke"
Goodbye to some pretty awesome elders. They started their missions in Zim...with Pres Dube, then Cook, then Padovich and then US! I wish I'd audiotaped these departing missionaries' testimonies. Wonderful.
     Our new Self Reliance couple. We are so happy they are here and they are going to be terrific!
 Elders Dlamini, Shabalala, Sister Mbele and Elder Namisi. A strong group to fill in the holes left by the 4 departing elders.
Elder Welling from Evanston, Wyoming. Traveled 36 hours alone from the Provo MTC and was cheerful and upbeat and confident! Love him already!

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