Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lusaka Zone Activity at a reptile park

The theme of the activity was "spiritual crocodiles" from the talk given years ago by Elder Packer. Elder Hontyo and Elder Odunga gave a great devotional on identifying and learning how to thwart the spiritual crocodiles in our own lives.
 South Africans know how to braai big time! (barbeque)
                          Fearless and eager Sister Skidmore was first to hold the python.
 This "cool" elder has a heart of gold and a sweet solid testimony. In the Chainama branch last fast Sunday he told the congregation if they don't have a testimony of their own yet, they can lean on his.
 Snake whisperer Ouma....also skilled in tree climbing, football, volleyball and teaching the Gospel.
                                          The snake weighed more than Sister Gehring!
                                                               Elder Jorgensen
 Sister Jaker was so nervous she almost fainted, we saw her eyes roll back in her head and she was shaking.
                                                    Packer, Mothlaping, Lemperle
                                                                Sister Jones
This was right before Sister Hirwa completely freaked out and threw the python off her shoulders and ran away screaming! 

 We had delicious marinated chicken and steak braii....cooked to perfection by Elder Shoba
                                            With a little help from Sister Skidmore and me.

 The crocs just got raw, whole, dead chickens...feathers and all. YUCK! the smell was horrific! About 75 dead chickens is my guess.

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Lindsay Garlock said...

HOLY MOLY I wish I could hold that snake!!! What a fun time. That bbq makes me hungry!