Friday, March 7, 2014

Random pictures from last 2 zone conferences in Malawi. How lucky we are to spend our time with these great missionaries.

        Elders Hinckley (Canada) Barnard (ID) Vanarsdale (UT) Nasibu (Uganda) Johnson (UT)
                                Sisters Arlanda (Mauritius) Maznio (AZ) Makunye (SA) Ntuli (SA)
                                             Elders Wandera (Uganda) Moya (Tanzania)

                                                          Hunter (ID)  Ntuli, Nasibu
                                                                   Lilongwe Zone
                                                                      Blantyre Zone
 Elder Hontyo on the right goes home soon to East London, SA. He is one of our AP's and is one FINE young man!
 3 Ugandans! As much pride for homeland as a bunch of Texans! Elders Kibirango, Ayubu, Ojatum
                                         Our mission vehicles in the Blantyre Chapel parking lot.

Sisters Komiha (Zim) Rawlins (UT) Scott (AR) Bulha (Mozambique) Wallin (UT) Getts (MT)

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Jocelyn Peterson said...

Yea for Arkansas sisters in Zambia...perhaps starting a trend?