Sunday, April 27, 2014

An afternoon with the Chansas

                                      Sarah..this girl can dance! look at those beautiful eyes.
                                                  Me with Angie and Angela
                       Native breem. Angela showed me her way to cook fish.
 She made nshima and her relish was made from lumonda. It is a lemon flavored green that goes really well with the fish...seriously delicious.
 There is much love in this humble home. Angela and husband Chris are faithful latter day saints. Chris works for the church as a facilities manager. He is also Leif's 2nd counselor in the mission presidency. Angela is in school to become an accountant.

              Robert is 11 and is going to be pen pals with my friend Jen Newton's son Ethan.


Lindsay Garlock said...

love these

Criss Mwakamui said...

Random find!

Thanks for a good article about my mom. She is magic in my eyes. Such an inspiration!