Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Departing missionaries we will never forget!

Colorful Sister Arlanda came to us from the Madagascar mission.  She is from Mauritius.
 Sister Adong, from Uganda, got her visa to Kenya with Elder Henderson, Las Vegas, below. We were really sad to see these 2 leave us!

 Sister Maznio returned to Arizona. Her smile says it all!! She was a delight! We wish her all the best in her recovery!
 Elder Ojatum from Uganda who taught us a lot about the stories in the Bible.
 Sister Makau, Kenya. She was one of the first sisters that I went teaching with. Quiet, soft spoken...but funny as ever!
 Sister Stephens, Hawaii. She came from Botswana and before long was the only one of 9 who got her visa to return to Botswana. She was one sweet sister missionary with a lot of faith.
 Elder Christensen. Utah, Wish we could have spent more time with this very likeable missionary.
Sister Pierce, Utah. One of our first visa waiters from Botswana. This very loveable sister made others feel good about themselves and she was there when we needed her!

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