Friday, October 3, 2014

Malawi visit September 2014. The rewards of our labors are worth every minute and every mile... on the long and bumpy road.

7 prospective missionaries in Lilongwe, Malawi who waited a long time (almost a year) to get their passports to be able to submit their mission applications. 

Much effort on the part of the senior couples to make it all happen.

 Aaron Benjamin (right) returned to Liwonde, Malawi from his mission in Uganda. He has 3 younger siblings, all terrific. Aaron is the first missionary to serve from this group. They are not even a branch yet. We know there will be many to follow.

 Liwonde Primary and Youth.

 Sights along the road from Malawi, west to Zambia.
 Have you ever seen a larger bag of onions?
 Ever thought of carrying this on your bike?
Never a dull curve on the road. 

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Lindsay Garlock said...

Wow - that is so so so inspiring! And what beautiful skin some of those young men have. They just glow.

Crazy about the accidents! Your title might sound like an analogy - "the long and bumpy road" - but i know for a fact it is pretty darn literal!!