Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 2014 has been a good month in the mission!


Growing my hair out. What do you think?
Sister Mitambo...she staged this pose! I love her.
Mitambo cousins
                                             Look whos 50! Zambia not president!
 Bushes made perfect for drying the baptismal clothing and towels. I was taking this picture and a girl asked me "do they do this in America?" Before I could answer, her friend said ...of course not...that is why she is taking the picture.
 The Woodlands branch has been baptizing like crazy lately!  Sister Dlamini and Sister Rakotonindriana are such sweet missionaries. They have been finding and teaching families!
 Sister Fuamatu and Sister Rametsi (below) all claim part of this wonderful family joining the church.
 Kephas with the unbelted belt was baptized a few months ago and is now baptizing his daughter Sarah.

This is Lucy Nthani and baby Elijah with Sarah getting baptized.
Her husband, Kephas was baptized first, then Lucy and now the children. Sarah was baptized by her father.
Lucy is a Malawian princess. Meaning her father is the head of their tribe. Now living in Zambia, she and her family have found the Gospel!
 The flamboyant trees (flame tree) are in full bloom and we marvel at them every day.

 Best shoe repair in Lusaka...just around the corner from where we live and the best part is the drive up service.
                                                   My favorite tree in Lusaka


Lindsay Garlock said...

Hhaa - I love the commnts about the clothes drying on the bushes. No, we don't do that here but we should!! It beats taking a garbage bag of sopping wet clothes home to dry!

Charlotte Pratt said...

Those trees are beautiful! I love the drive up shoe service, and the clothes on the bushes is a great idea!