Sunday, December 7, 2014

The following post includes only a fraction of what we've done in the last 4 weeks. It's a bit difficult to keep up with it all...but my OCD to have it all blogged chronologically and complete is slipping away as fast as the months seem to go by.

Leif and Eve Mitambo
1st baby born in the covenant in Lilongwe,Malawi.
There was a day when she was terrified of white faces....not anymore!
 Her father is the branch president of the Kalambo Branch.
Newly arrived... Sister Browning from Idaho...finally another red head in the mission!
 Elder Bennett and Nofuma arrived a day before Sister Browning.
 Lilongwe, Malawi Zone Conference Dec 13th 2014...Such an AWESOME group of elders and sisters. The Stones and Fisks and Binghams are wonderful as well.
 We work hard! but we also have lots of fun and these missionaries love each other!
 Blantyre Zone Conference Dec 11th 2014 at the always beautiful Blantyre Chapel. Terrific zone conference! The zone leaders led a discussion on looking for MIRACLES and on Setting Goals and Making Plans. The sister training leaders taught on Obedience. The AP's taught and demonstrated how to get referrals. Leif  trained on working with members and leaders. I spoke on "having our STRENGTH faithened" (thank you David Evans for the inspiration).We always have great meals after ZC. Sister Reynolds really outdid herself this time with fabulous banana splits and all the classic toppings!

 Elder Allred, assistant to the president from Spring City, Utah! We love him as much as he is loving that ice cream!
                                                            The sisters' table
                                 Elder Barnard! We love this cowboy from Oakley Idaho!
                                                              Sisters Browning and Proctor
                                            Barnard, Allred and Jorgensen
                                            Elders Kapande and Cunningham
                                          Jorgensen, Venter and Allred
 Sisters Reynolds, Griffus, Erickson, Dlamini, Browning, Komiha, Mntungwa, Proctor, Beal
 Elder Kampelya is a gem! He is from Lusaka, called on mission to Sierra Leone, came to us when Ebola closed down 2 missions and now he is a district leader and trainer. His brother is getting baptized in December here in Lusaka and his mother Catherine is one of my favorite women.
 Elder Johnson from Magna, Utah and Elder Mwambu from Uganda. Look at those smiles!!!! These 2 elders have each faced some pretty overwhelming challenges earlier in their missions and they have pressed forward through it all. We are incredibly proud of them.
                                                    Doig from Canada and Dlamini from Swaziland

 Saying goodbye to these terrific missionaries IS NOT EASY!!! and WE DON'T LIKE IT!
                                                   Sister Rametsi home to SA
                                            Sister Povanhu home to Namibia
                                             Sister Vea home to Hauula Hawaii (lucky girl)
   Sister Rawlins home to Richmond Utah. Sister Rawlins was the first sister missionary we met the day we arrived on our mission on June 29th 2013.
 Elder Muthoka home to Kenya..... to eat Mutoka! His family bought a goat several months ago to fatten for the feast that they would have the day he returned! This man is a quiet but steady leader.
Elder Hawkins home to the UK. Elder Hawkins sent us the following pictures with the plea.... DON'T FORGET ME!
Elders P-day sports
Mother's Without Borders
My Family Activity with the missionaries
Elder Mdletshe with the Stones and President Lumbama at Lilongwe Meetinghouse
All Adult Meeting at Lilongwe Meetinghouse
Under the direction of Elder Bednar, three talks were given to all the branches to read before coming to the meeting. For one hour the question was "What did you learn?" For the second hour the question was...."What questions do you have?" It was a great meeting. LOTS of participation and good comments. This was our fourth and final one with Elder Mdletshe.


Lindsay Garlock said...

love it. need to see big photos of those animals though!!! the white lions and rhinos.

Charlotte Pratt said...

Everyone has big smiles and energetic faces. The light of Christ shines through all their eyes!

I like your longer hair Linda!