Thursday, December 11, 2014

We had a lovely sacrament meeting in Livingstone with members who live there but are unable to participate in a branch.

 Our Livingstone members Sacrament Meeting held at Chanter's Lodge with Brother Clement Mwakamui, Brother Mweemba Chisamu and Sister Chipo Chibbamulilo.

 It is always a pleasure to be greeted by a giraffe taking a rest in the shade as you drive up the entry to your hotel.

 This baby zebra was born just 1 day before we arrived. Zebra babies are about 32 kgs (70 lbs) and are born after a gestational period of 360 to 396 days. Their longevity is as much as 40 years.

 We were strictly warned to keep the slider locked because the vervet monkeys are tricky little devils and create a lot of monkey business!

 Victoria Falls in November is quite a different experience from the falls in April.

 This is looking towards the Zimbabwe side of the falls where the falling water from the Zambezi river is creating the mist. Seeing the falls at the end of the dry season like this made us realize that the Zambia side of the falls is really more of the run off at the flood stage of the river during the rainy season. It has been fascinating to see at 3 different times of the year.
 These rafters would be crushed in a wall of water most other times of the year.

 Here is the river side of the falls just a few yards away from the gorge.

                                 Offspring are born just before the rainy season and are so cute!

                          The beautiful and peaceful Zambezi River upstream from the falls.


Lindsay Garlock said...

Thanks for posting. I am blown away at the difference in the falls. I LOVED being in that little bridge just getting drenched. Ahhhh miss you guys.

Charlotte Pratt said...

Amazing to see how small the Victoria Falls are compared to Elizabeth's Spring trip. It is so fun you get to experience all the seasons. It gives perspective .