Thursday, January 22, 2015

Masala Branch Creation December 14th 2014

  Masala, Zambia. 85 people in attendance. There was a very special spirit in the meeting and among these humble people. What a glorious day to be a latter day saint and belong to a church with a living prophet and the Living Christ and continuing revelation.
 Pres Safeli and his counselors with Pres Kapato
 Grace Mitambo and her daughter and grandchildren
 It is so great to have my sister in our mission. Especially on special days like this that we will remember forever... together.
 Sister and Cousin :)) Doesn't get better than that!
                                                           Elder Moya and  Mary Lunga
                                           Jackson and Diana Chansongo and their 5 children
                                               New Branch President and his lovely wife
Take a look at this load we saw on our way home from the Copperbelt! Talk about WIDE load. In Africa they call it ABNORMAL

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