Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Great Zambia Lusaka Mission Senior Missionary Conference in Lilongwe March 2015 We have an incredible team of seniors in this mission who get so much work done! It is staggering to calculate what "gets done" each day from this group of service oriented and faithful missionaries....and we have such fun! Each couple has a great story of how they got on their mission and several are serving their 2nd and 3rd and 4th and 8th mission.

In order by women but husbands are not all lined up with their wives: Beals from Seattle, MLS Blantyre. Reynolds from Seattle, MLS Blantyre. Binghams from Idaho, Self Reliance. Stones from Vernal UT, MLS Lilongwe. Ericksons from UT, President. Sisters Lowe and Query from SLC, Womens Auxiliary support Copperbelt.  Fisks from Spokanne, MLS Lilongwe. Merrills from CA, Seminary and Institute Blantyre. Skidmores from CA, Office Secretary and Finance Lusaka. Humpherys from Idaho, Public Affairs Lusaka. and Oriens from Alaska, MLS, Copperbelt. Missing are the Bodilys from Arizona, Humanitarian, Lusaka.

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