Saturday, June 13, 2015

In Malawi the road from Blantyre north to Lilongwe has some great scenery and this time we traveled a route that we had not yet taken. We switchbacked up the Zomba plateau and found a little paradise up there! We had breakfast by a fire atop the plateau and had lunch on the shores of Lake Malawi. Its the cool season here now and we have pulled out the sweaters.

                                                Does this red flower look familiar!

                                 Found these men selling local berries on a curve in the road.

Being with my wonderful companion  24/7 is pretty great. We both would not have expected how nice it has really been these 2 years. After all those years with Fidelity Investments and Leif traveling almost every week we just started to believe that maybe the reason we have such a good marriage is because we have time away from each other. Not true. Not true at all. This mission experience of working together every day has been... to be perfectly honest...terrific, comforting and very meaningful. Sure we have challenges and then we get past them as quickly as possible.
 So...yes... it is a pleasure teaching and training and traveling and dining with this eternal companion of mine....Although it would have been really nice to sit in this lovely spot for lunch with our children and new grand babies....or with our siblings...or a few special friends ;)

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Lindsay Garlock said...

Oh wow that looks amazing. I love your comments as well about spending time with dad. We wish we could have been there too! Love you and you both look great!!