Friday, June 12, 2015

In May we attended the mission presidents seminar held in Capetown, SA. What a lovely place! There was so much to enjoy about the seminar and the spirit we felt to be among 13 other mission presidents and their companions. We were taught by the spirit at the feet of our outstanding leaders in the Quorum of the Seventy. In addition to being fed spiritually we enjoyed good food, beautiful scenery and being near the water!!

                                       The Zackrisons who oversee the Durban SA mission
 Springbok...delicious! better than a filet of beef. very lean and very tender when cooked rare.
                                                 The Wilsons... Botswana/Namibia
            President Kretly and Elder Cook. The Kretlys will go home to Brazil the end of June.
 Our Area Presidency, Hamiltons, Cooks and Ellises with Elder and Sister Evans. It was a real treat to be with Elder Evans, the mission department executive director.

                                                     Sister Kretly and Sister Monga
Being near the water for 5 days was heaven! Our hotel was right on the wharf and the weather was perfect.

                                         Good morning you beautiful continent of Africa!

 More good food...we ate lots of shellfish. Everything is so much less expensive in SA than in Zambia.

 Good to be with Linda and Mike Dunn again. We see them every 6 months and have our little Salt Lake City reunion.

             We didn't know this family but they sure were friendly and took our picture for us :))
 Dunns, Zackrisons and the Kruger siblings who joined us..RM Elder Kruger served in Durban with the Zackrisons. Their father is a stake president in Capetown.
                          Capetown is a big step up from our little Lusaka! But we love Lusaka!

 We took an excursion to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was a political prisoner.
                                                         Wilsons and Merrills (Angola)

From the island...looking north to the mainland.

Our guide was a prisoner himself and served time here for 8 years. When asked how he could forgive and move on...he said...."we have no choice...there is no road forward when we hold on to hatred and intolerance."
                                                                     Prison yard

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Lindsay Garlock said...

So fun. Cool to see the Zackrisons. He was my bishop in a BYU ward, as you know. Love you guys.