Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset, swiftly flow the days, seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers, blossoming even as we gaze. Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset, swiftly flow the years, one season following another, laden with happiness and tears!

 Elder Mlambala got his Visa to Zimbabwe and departed our mission in July. We were truly sorry to see this one leave...he had great energy and was a terrific missionary.

 Sister Muthengi was honorably released and returned home to Nairobi, Kenya after some health struggles. We shall always remember her loving nature and sweet smiles.

 Elder Mwangi home to Nairobi, Kenya. He finished his mission serving in the office and was a huge help to us in transitioning from the Skidmores office and financial duties.

 Sister Hirwa home to Johannesburg, SA. Served as an STL almost her whole mission. She inspired a higher standard among the sisters and touched the lives of so many!!! She also cooked really good food and shared her Chakalaka bean and cabbage salad recipe with me:-)

 Elder Dolonga home to East Cape, SA. We loved hearing this elders final testimony. He grew so much on mission and we were very proud of him.

 Elder Nakale home to Windhoek Namibia. Our one and only Namibian thus far and he represented his country very well. He had a very difficult wisdom tooth removed a few months ago and must have been in a lot of pain...but no whining from him.

We spend A LOT of time at the Lusaka airport and sometimes President Erickson gets a little silly.

Elder Lemperle home to Utah. This is the elder that got his call just before we left and he and his mother came to our Farewell Sacrament Meeting in the Eaglecrest 2nd ward. Can't believe he is now leaving. We loved working with this elder...always smiling.

                                        Assistants  Elder Chiliza and Elder Draycott

                                      Wonderful new arrivals! 4 great elders!

Elder Zhuwankinyu from Zimbabwe

Elder Kobyana from SA

Elder Kobuba from Zimbabwe

Elder Zimene from Zimbabwe

Sister Njirayafa from Botswana and from the Botswana Mission

Elder Abisai from Namibia, here waiting for a visa for SA Durban Mission

Elder Charlie Chanza from Lilongwe Kauma branch will serve in Blantye while he waits for his visa to SA.

Elder Josephy Kapalanga from Lilongwe Kauma branch will also serve in Blantye while he waits for his visa to SA. The bow tie will have to go!

President Erickson set apart these three as full time missionaries. Many thanks to Elder and Sister Stones for getting these young men ready to serve.

Francis Mwale finally got his visa to Brazil where he will attend the MTC, learn Portuguese and be endowed in the temple there. He will then travel back to Swaziland where he will wait for his visa to be approved for Mozambique. Swaziland is part of the Mozambique mission. This is one fine young man!

LaNice and Alan Groesbeck arrived to fill our empty office couple position! We are SOOO thrilled to have them here! We feel the Lord's hand in the timing of their mission application and their willingness to serve where ever the Lord needed them.....because we need them.


Lindsay Garlock said...

I have a friend from BYU named Rebbie Groesbeck. I wonder if she is their granddaughter? Niece? Daughter?

Pamela said...

feeling happy as i read and look at the pictures :) LONG LIVE THE ZAMBIA LUSAKA MISSION!