Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The inevitable departure of this group was anticipated for months with a sense of dread! Every one of these awesome sisters served as an STL...sister training leader and several were drivers almost their whole mission...with only one small accident I might add :) In short, we didn't want them to go!

Sister Rasband..home to Utha,...spent her whole mission in Malawi. Never a word of complaint from this one. Her quiet understated nature gave way to strong leadership! She was a good friend to many sisters in the mission.

Sister Falco, home to Utah, ever optimistic and cheerful! She gave a unique and memorable gift to the mission with her love for all and enthusiasm for the WORD and the WORK.

Sister Dlamini, home to Gauteng, South Africa, radiated love! She was a solid force in our mission. She came to us from Sierra Leone after the Ebola outbreak and we are so grateful she was able to spend 16 months with us. She faced her challenges head on with humility. She has a great laugh that everyone loves.

Sister Proctor, home to Utah, was a powerful articulate teacher of the Gospel. She was a stable force among the missionaries and grew nicely into the responsibilities placed on her while she was very young in the mission.

Oh the smiles this sister brought us for 18 months!

Kathleen Van Heerden came to the airport to say farewell to Sister Proctor...one of her favorites!

Sister Natsala, home to Uganda, overcame some challenging times in the beginning of her mission to later develop a sweet and tender, obedient nature that will serve her very well throughout her life.

Sister Quaye, home to Accra Ghana, had a warm and loving personality. She radiated genuine love and has new converts all over the mission who consider her their close friend. She inspired me to more creative and spicy cooking!

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