Friday, April 15, 2016

Hellos and goodbyes, 4 zone conferences and an MLC kept us busy the last half of March and 1st week of April! The time is flying!

Elder Chiliza departed from Blantyre directly to the temple in Johannesburg to be sealed to his parents. He was a terrific leader and assistant.

Elder Almeida arrived with energy and enthusiasm from Angola and speaks great English.

Howard "Howie" and  Cynthia "Cindy" Bodily left for home on March 9th. They have been serving as Area Welfare Services missionaries. We really grew to love them and appreciated their tremendous efforts to get their calling right. (Africa is a complicated place when it comes to welfare.) Arizona is their home.

George and Carole Beal departed the mission from Blantyre to Seattle on April 13th. How incredibly valuable this senior couple was for us and our mission as the stable presence in Blantyre. 

This special group of seniors serving their shrinking...down by 4. We need new couples!



Elder Hollingsworth

Elders Kobyana and Brewerton

Sisters Kgwetiane and Bingham

Sisters Motsi and Newey



The Birrells

Elders Ford Collins and Knobloch

Sisters Ratema Kinikini Birrell Mukweya and Brown

Elder Kapande

Elder Mpofu

We are not only missionaries, we are the postal service! Not kidding. Always transporting packages and mail and luggage and supplies.

Elder Salyards

Our new Presidential way meeting house! A huge improvement over the Kauma property.



Leif was not just a little excited about these great mission leaders....he was over the moon.


Lindsay Garlock said...

Love this post!! Love seeing the faces of missionaries watching you and Dad instruct and inspire them. Wish so much I could be a fly on the wall through all of it. You are going to be missed so terribly.

Catherine Diamond said...

Pouring over these pictures with a new love for President and Sister Erickson after seeing you in action with my own eyes. A huge part of my heart will now be in Africa, thanks to my cute little sister and her husband. Love you guys so much:)

susan lowe said...

No words to describe how I'm feeling right now. What a beautiful experience this has been for the two of you. And to think I got to be a small part of it. Can't thank you enough for my time with you. Love you both

Arlene Lauper said...

Linda has it really been almost three years?! Oh wow! I'm going to miss your many posts of your amazing adventures and special missionary moments. You two are just wonderful and your goodness shines through in every photo. Those missionaries and members are sure going to miss you. Sweetest friendships and memories for you both I'm sure! Love to you both! Xo