Monday, April 18, 2016

Visiting one of our favorite families...the Van Heerden's and a piggery near their farm.

Andries and Kathy Van Heerden

Their son Andries served his mission in Johannesburg and is off to BYU-I.

We had to shower on site and change into these clothes and boots to enter the facility. Keeping our germs away from the pigs! HA!
At the end...we showered again to get the pig smell off of us!!

As clean as the facility was the smell was something else!  This young Afrikaans pig keeper was so kind to show us around. He is very proud of his pigs!

Got to watch the birth of a few piglets.

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Lindsay Garlock said...

Holy cow! Or should I say pig!! This looks like it was quite the experience. Very cool.