Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pictures from our April 2014 Mission Leadership Council. This group of elders and sisters are amazing! They have powerfully strong testimonies and love for the Lord Jesus Christ and his church. They are the leaders of our mission...and we appreciate their loving influence among our 80 missionaries. What a delight to spend 2 full days with them in council.

Top left: E. Ojatum, E. Wandera, S. Pierce, S. Getts, E. Hill, E. Barnard,
Middle: S. Gerhing, S. Wallin, S. Vea, S. Ntuli, E. Pauni, E. Packer
Bottom: E. Jorgensen, E. Payne, E. Shoba, E. Amison


M.E. said...

Thanks so much for the photos! It is always good to see Sister Getts and the wonderful missionaries she works with. Thank you to both of you for all your hard word and love for the missionaries and people there.

Lindsay Garlock said...

pretty sisters