Saturday, August 16, 2014

Comings and Goings! Every missionary is special! Every elder and sister that we welcome and send home no matter how long they are with us leave a mark on us that we treasure!!

 Elder Maaka arrived and only stayed a few days due to health related challenges. When he gets well and returns to serve his mission we know he will be a fantastic missionary.
 Sister Chasinda, strong and hardworking to the END!! Love this sister! Great attitude and love that skirt!
Sister Mbonyana got her VISA to Uganda and left us after just 5 weeks. She is a terrific person with a great future!
 Sister Proctor from Alpine Utah!
 Elder Mwaba from Ndola Zambia! We sent him off 5 months ago to SA and lucky for us he is back to finish his mission in the GZLM.
 Elder Tayembi comes to us from the DRC speaking mostly French but his English is improving every day.
 Elder Ngendabanka is from Burundi and has been serving in Kenya but his VISA was not renewed.
 Elder Collins from Utah.
 Elder Sagers from Utah.
 Elder Cunningham from Arizona.
 Elder Owor from Uganda.
 Impressive group of elders! Happy, eager to work and all very likable. Leadership material in every one!

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