Saturday, August 16, 2014

In one week we received 4 new missionaries who are visa waiters for Uganda AND 9 new (to us) missionaries from the Sierra Leone and the Liberia missions. They all trickled in on various flights, late night and early morning. Thank goodness for the Skidmores and our AP's to help keep it all straight. Everyone arrived healthy and safe, albeit there were some lost bags and tired travelers. We are so grateful to have them and be able to put them to work!

                                 Our own Sister Mudenda...sent her her back in 12 days!
                                                      Elder Chinunda from Tanzania
                                                      Elder Ruell from Utah
Elder Bakari from Tanzania
From the MTC /waiting for VISA's to Uganda

 Elder Nakale from Namimbia
 Sister Povahnu from SA
 Sister Nxele from SA (her name has a click)
 Sister P. Dlamini from SA
 Sister Rametsi from SA
 Elder Mojaje from SA
 Sister N. Dlamini from SA

 Our own Elder Andrew Chola...we sent him out...we got him back!
Our own Elder Andrew Kampelya...we sent him out...we got him back!

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