Thursday, September 4, 2014

A month of Zone Conferences

 Elder Packer from Uganda and Elder Amison from Birmingham, England....last assignment together as AP's at the combined Copperbelt ZC.
2 powerful young men. It is so fun to watch their teaching and leadership skills grow as they diligently serve.
We loved this round of zone conferences. The zone leaders led a discussion on the fundamental: Revelation through Prayer. The AP's led a discussion on: teaching people not lessons using the story of Christ on the road to Emmaus. They did a great job! I outlined and we discussed 4 agreements we make with ourselves to help better the relationships in our lives. 1. Be impeccable with your word. 2. Don't take anything personally 3. Never assume 4. Do your best. (from the book by Michael Ruiz) President taught from D&C 107 and 121 on the rights of the Priesthood and on being called and being chosen. He led a discussion on the culture of our mission and the apostolic calling that each missionary has to further the work of the Lord.

Lusaka West, Zambia
Copperbelt Combined, Zambia

                                                                    Lusaka East, Zambia

                                                                    Lilongwe, Malawi

                                                                Blantyre, Malawi


Linn said...

I might love you guys a lot! All of the pictures were fabulous, but the crazy ones made me smile. Big time. Love from Utah! xoxo

Lindsay Garlock said...

i love you goofballs

Charlotte Pratt said...

You like you are having lots of fun!