Thursday, September 4, 2014


                                                  Sister Nakitende home to Uganda
                                                  Elder Shoba home to Durban SA
                                               Sister Getts home to Montana, USA
                                                Sister Twongeirwe home to Uganda
                                             Sister Clifford home to Utah, USA
                                                    Elder Majafe home to Botswana
                                                  Sister Wallin home to Utah, USA

 The departing testimony meeting of this group was powerful!! Strong testimonies of a great work.


Nicole said...

Linda and Leif,

My name is Scott Cramer, son of Joe and Janet Cramer from New Haven in Salt Lake City.

Our company is working with Mother's Without Borders and surrounding areas on a project for solar.

My business partner and I are coming over September 22 -October 3.

Would love to maybe email before, and then see if we could stop by and talk to you one evening or morning while we are there.

Hope all is well, looks like you guys are doing well!

Nicole said... or

Charlotte Pratt said...

Smiling missionaries!