Thursday, October 2, 2014

OUR MISSION: aka THE ROLLER COASTER! For some time now we have been trying to think of an analogy that fits this experience of serving as a mission pres and wife. Leif finally came up with this roller coaster idea. We got on 15 months ago. We go up and down and side to side, we periodically slow down to a building crescendo only to race to the next level in exhilarating speed. One thing remains constant: we never get off. We do come to a stop and let some off and gather up others. But always we are on and ever on call for the next twist and turn. Thankfully we like this roller coaster and the best part is that the builder and conductor is our master, and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Sister Solomone from Fiji, Sister Sempa from Uganda. Elder Hiltbrand from CA and Elder Mabe from Botswana.
 Elder Ford came to us unexpectedly, From England, his call is to Durban, SA. We'll see if he gets his visa. We've never had a visa waiter for SA before.
 Sister Phahlana is from Queenstown, South Africa. Her call was to serve in Zimbabwe but her visa did not arrive so we get her for the meantime. Wish we could keep her cause she is really sweet and prepared!
 The Bodilys from Arizona are replacing the Lyles as Welfare Services Missionaries.
                 The Bodilys with our unbeatable office couple, David and Kristi Skidmore.

Elder and Sister Lyle served 18 months as Humanitarian missionaries and went home to St. George the end of August. A great couple who laughed a lot and had huge hearts. Sister Lyle made really yummy rolls and desserts! They will really be missed.
Sister Mudenda and the 3 elders she arrived with received their VISA's to Uganda and departed the mission on short notice while all the senior couples were away at a senior missionary conference in Chipata. Thanks to our terrific AP's Elders Allred and Amison who took care of the airport run.
                                                                  Elder Ruell
Elder Bakari
Elder Chinunda
Sister Sempa returned to Uganda after being with us for just 2 weeks. She will hold a special place with us for a long time.


Charlotte Pratt said...

Great metaphor Pres. Erickson! And as our dear Stake President Rees Jensen always says, "the best is yet to come!"

Lindsay Garlock said...

Mom you look so youthful in all these photos. Young and bright and vibrant! I love it. You look happy and that makes me really happy and also really miss you.