Monday, November 30, 2015

When missionaries go home that we have come to know so well and love so much it is SAD! but so very satisfying because in a small measure we have helped them complete an honorable mission. We have watched them grow and learn so very much. We have watched them struggle and shine! In that sense, a part of our mission is fulfilled with each individual elder or sister fulfilling their assignment and call to serve. This group departed on October 27th 2015. Each has a very special place in our hearts.

Elder Motlhaping home to SA, Elder Cahill home to Seattle WA. Elder Chola home to Lilanda Ward, West Lusaka, Zambia

Elder Cahill's parents came to pick him :)

Elder Cahill was a huge help in transitioning the mission office from The Skidmores to office elders to the Groesbecks. And he is a great baker of all things sweet and delicious.

 Sister Mulunda home to Kinshasa DRC. When she arrived she spoke no English and we watched her blossom!

                                              Elder Mukisa home to Uganda.

Elder Kampelya home to Matero Ward Lusaka Zambia!

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