Tuesday, December 1, 2015

September departures...what sweet memories to reflect on how dearly we love these now return missionaries.

 Kittie Mbele home to East London South Africa.
 Sister Njirayafa home to Botswana.
 Skyler Barton home to Utah
 Logan Draycott home to Calgary via Mt Kilamanjaro with his dad!!
 Dustin Allred home to Utah...we hear he is absolutely loving the cold!!

 Paul Doig home to Cardston Canada...probably playing hockey by now
 Franco Opio Ouma home to Uganda...he is now a counselor in a branch presidency. Elder Ouma lost his father and 2 of his brothers while he was serving his mission. With incredible humility and reliance on the Lord, he continued to serve faithfully and finished his mission strong.

Such a great group. we love keeping in touch and hearing the good news! 3 assistants in this departing group.

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