Tuesday, December 1, 2015

More comings and goings! 3 departing elders and the arrival of a new senior couple!!

 The Salmons arrived in November to fill the self reliance slot left empty by Stan and Sharon Bingham. We are so thrilled to have them join us. They already have been to the Copperbelt and are headed to Malawi this week.

 Elder Kibirango home to Uganda. Several months ago this fine elder asked me if he could take a bus home instead of fly....I thought he was afraid of flying. No. He wanted his mission to last as long as possible. He wanted lots of time to ponder the great experiences of the last 24 months.

Elder Massey home to Canada and Elder Parker home to Idaho. There is such tremendous joy witnessing the growth and refinement of these good young men...and these three are some of the finest!
Over the inside of the door in the mission home there is a plaque that reads: Return with HONOR. No question with these three. Thanks Allan, Mark and Drew.

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